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Keith Davies: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

17th May 2020:

Some of you may or may not know that I am working on a standalone album with my good friends Dyl and Tom. I say standalone album because it's not a Keith Davies solo album. 

For the past few months I have been writing new songs and demoing a few things so that I can give what I have done to Dyl so that we can begin the recording process of this new album. The video below was recorded on Saturday 16th May 2020 and is the first time I ever sang and played this new tune. The song is called 'My Heroin[e]' and at this moment in time I just have 2 verses and 2 choruses. What you see/hear below is what I have given to Dyl so that he can then go away and write a middle-8 and solo section for this. 

I look forward the day when I can share with you the finished version of this.


19th OCTOBER 2019:

For those of you who have heard the first album I did with McDylbot and Tom Barraclough entitled 'Re-Animate,' you should remember a little tune called Terra Nova: 2213. This song first appeared on my debut album 'Symbolic Hemispheres' and then it re-recorded and included on 'Re-Animate.'

Now, in 2019 there has been a further update to this song and you can hear the latest version via my SoundCloud page via the link below: 

TERRA NOVA: 2213 (2019 Version)

4th OCTOBER 2019:

I have been working with Dyl over the last month creating new music and it just so happens that we found time to record a pretty sweet version of Michael Jackson's 'Give In To Me.' Here is what Dyl has to say about the track: 

Greetings! Last year, my good chum and occasional musical cohort, Keith, came up north to visit. During his stay he attended one of my band's rehearsals to video us playing some songs, and with a little time left over we played a rendition of this song (which is a favourite of ours). Anyways, long story short, we talked about recording a studio version of it, and we finally got around to it. We even got my bandmate, Tom, to track the lead guitar work. Hope you enjoy! Written by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell. Originally performed by Michael Jackson. Performed and produced by McDylbot. Vocals by Keith Davies. Lead guitar by Tom Barraclough. I do not own the copyright to this song. We are merely paying homage to the musical legend that is Michael Jackson. Copyright is property of it's lawful owner.

20th JUNE 2019:


New album will NOT be released under my name 'Keith Davies.' More info on this soon.. #acarnivaloffreaks

1st JUNE 2019:

Click the YouTube links below to listen to my latest album 'The Path of Destruction.' All songs written by Keith Davies. 







07. TERRA NOVA 2213 (2018 VERSION)


*Currently Unavailable via YouTube

3rd AUGUST 2018:

Over the years I have recorded a number of different cover songs and recently I tried putting some of these out there for you guys to hear. These covers are not necessarily rock and metal influenced but are always from artists I like and respect. Please see links below to listen to some of the random covers that I have attempted - 

14TH APRIL 2018: 

The video below features a live band rehearsal performance of Stolen (Welcome To Paradise)

Recorded on Saturday 31st March 2018. 
Keith Davies - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Dyl McPrice - Electric Guitar / Lead Guitar
Michael Bainbridge - Bass Guitar
Paul Mackey - Drums

27th MARCH 2018:


'The Path of Destruction' the NEW ALBUM from Keith Davies was released today! You can find this brand new album on the following digital downloading networks: 

CD Baby

7 Digital
Amazon Mp3
Apple iTunes / Apple Music
Google Music Store
InProdicon International
K Digital
KK Box
Line Music
Slacker Radio
Sound Exchange
YouTube Music

10th DECEMBER 2017:

The video below contains a piano and vocal cover of Linkin Park's 'CRAWLING.' 

RIP Chester Bennington. Recorded on 7th December 2017.

9th February 2016:

Below is a live solo version of 'Tabula Rasa.' The original version of 'Tabula Rasa' can be found on the Ep '7000 Degrees Fahrenheit.' 

Re-Recorded 2018 version can be found on my album entitled 'The Path Of Destruction.' 


Electrogenesis is now available WORLDWIDE via most major digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, Google Music Store. Click orange links below to be taken to relevant places. For professional CD's please click the Jumbo records link below. Jumbo records will ship worldwide. 






Professional CD's are available from JUMBO RECORDS and can be shipped anywhere in the world to whoever may want one? All you have to do if you want one is click any of the Jumbo Records links above. There is only 500 copies available and once those are gone there will be no more available and Electrogenesis will continue to sell as a digital download ONLY.

Digital Mp3 purchase links above for 'Electrogenesis' and 'Re-Animate.'

DECEMBER 7th 2015:

"Electrogenesis" the brand new album from Keith Davies featuring McDylbot and Tom Barraclough is finally here! On December 14th 2015 you will be able to purchase "Electrogenesis" from many of the following places worldwide -

Jumbo Records, Leeds, UK.

CD Baby -

Apple iTunes 

Google Music Store 

Amazon Mp3 



YouTube Music










Slacker Radio

There are many other digital distribution websites that will have "Electrogenesis" but if I listed them all on here then the above list would be huge! From December 14th start searching for "Electrogenesis" on any digital platform and I am sure it will appear for you! For more information regarding "Electrogenesis" please click on the MAIN HEADER LINK at the top of this page.   

OCTOBER 10th 2015:

"7000 Degrees Fahrenheit" is a brand new 3-track Ep from Keith Davies available for free download via Keith's Reverbnation profile. All you gotta do to get this EP for free is sign up as a fan of mine of Reverbnation and you get the option to download "7000 Degrees Fahrenheit" completely free of charge. Track listing is as follows:

01. Tabula Rasa

02. The Underhanded Gentlemen

03. Without Prejudice (I Hate You) 

There are a two music videos that are available to watch via my YouTube profile or directly from here on this website. The links to youtube are listed below:



12th AUGUST 2015:

For those of you who enjoy Facebook please feel free to join me over there by clicking on the link below:


To listen to the recent radio broadcasts that I have been involved with here are a few SoundCloud links:


TD1 RADIO 6th August 2015    

9th AUGUST 2015:

Tomorrow night (10th AUGUST 2015) at 10pm (UK time) I will be featured on 'North Highland Radio' via the show called 'Views From the Edge.' If any of you would like to tune into that show and listen live or to lend your support for me and my music then please click on the link below to open the web page and then click the 'LISTEN LIVE' icon: 


6th AUGUST 2015:

Today saw my music get featured on Scotland's TD1 Radio. DJ Donald Strachan was kind enough to give my music some airtime. The guy is a legend for featuring my music on his show!

2nd AUGUST 2015: 

I have just released a internet ONLY Ep entitled 'ReMaster.' Feel free to download it free of charge from my Soundcloud profile. All you got to do is click on the red link below and you will find 8 remastered tracks from my past discography. 

01. The Repeating Process

02. Guns And A Godless Government

03. I Am Hated

04. The Age Of Evolution (Overture Of Revelations)

05. Black Conduit

06. Never Wanted 

07. Hieroglyph Cenotaph (acoustic)

08. Symbolic Hemispheres


Below is also a link to (remastered audio) video for 'The Age Of Evolution' (Overture Of Revelations)


24th JUNE 2015:

The video immediately below features an updated live acoustic stripped-down version of 'The Field Where She Lays.' 

(This live version first appeared on the 'Hybrid Clockwork' DVD.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this song, this is a song that first appeared on my 2012 debut album 'Symbolic Hemispheres' and it was immediate hit within my small fan-base at the time.     

The video below is a small 'no budget' home music video for 'The Field Where She Lays.'

The audio in this version is taken from 'Symbolic Hemispheres.' © 2012 Keith Davies. All Rights Reserved.

And finally, click link below to hear the version of 'The Field Where She Lays' that appeared on Keith's latest album 'Re-Animate.' © 2014 Keith Davies. All Rights Reserved. 


19th JUNE 2015:

As you are probably aware I have not posted much on here latey! I would like to apologise, however, There is a reason..

Firstly I would like to say that on the 21st May 2015 I lost my mother due to the constant illness that she has battled for many years! You could say I've had a really rough time as of late! For many years she has struggled, but nature has now taken my best friend and it's hard for me to deal with that loss! Even though all this has been going on in the background, myself and McDylbot have still been working slowly on the follow up to 'Re-Animate.' 

'Electrogenesis' is progressing really nicely now. I won't deny, things have been slow and that's just how it's been! In April 2015 I recorded the demos for 'Electrogenesis' and over the past months I have been really surprised at how the finished versions are turning out! For those of you who are not familiar with 'Electrogenesis' I can tell you that the CD will consist of the following tracks:

1. Reincarnate (Electrogenesis Version)

2. Reborn Associative (Electrogenesis Version)

3. Hollow Insomniac (Electrogenesis Version)

4. Maximum Apocalypse (Electrogenesis Version)

5. Reincarnate (Original Demo - CD ONLY)

6. Reborn Associative (Original Demo - CD ONLY)

7. Maximum Apocalypse (Original Demo - CD ONLY) 

The digital download release will contain the following tracks:

1. Reincarnate (Electrogenesis Version)

2. Reborn Associative (Electrogenesis Version)

3. Hollow Insomniac (Electrogenesis Version)

4. Maximum Apocalypse (Electrogenesis Version)

I believe that 'Electrogenesis' will turn out to be my heaviest set of songs to date! Let me enlighten you about the thought process behind the album. For a start I have dabbled with guitar tunings that I've never used before. For example:

The songs 'Reincarnate' and 'Hollow Insomniac' are both tuned to G#

That is pretty low tuning and certainly one that I've never used before, until now! I got the idea to try something like that because I listen to bands like Caliban. Their latest album 'Ghost Empire' sported tunings as low as G#

When I was writing the demos for 'Electrogenesis' I kinda looked around and was looking for a way that I could re-invent my sound and take it beyond just using standard Drop-D tuning and similar things. I feel that it's a bold move for someone like me to try writing songs in G# because playing guitars that low is not easily controlled outside a unprofessional environment! I truly believe that working along side McDylbot we can create a unique sounding album and still hold onto a melodic but aggressive sound like nothing I've ever created before!  

I asked McDylbot the other day about what his favourite track from 'Electrogenesis' would be and his answer was - 

"Reincarnate: The main reason aside from being able to put my new 7-string guitar to use for some seriously down-tuned riffing, I absolutely love the mid section of the song." 

As McDylbot quoted above, the 7-string guitars will be making another appearance within my music. The last time a 7-string was used was for songs like 'Seeds And Leeches' and 'Terra Nova 2213' which was taken from 'Re-Animate.' 

20th FEBRUARY 2015:

Daniel Harrison from 'Master Image Productions' in Las Vegas, USA has submitted a review for my latest album Re-Animate. (This is probably the best review I've ever had)

"Creating any sort of fresh buzz for a compilation album is often a difficult task for any band or artist, no matter how great the music was when it was first released. Re-mastering original tracks has now become more popular to try to breathe life into older songs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it leaves you wishing that the artist would have just left well enough alone. So, as a long time follower of Keith Davies' music, I was somewhat skeptical when I heard that his new album Re-Animate would mostly be composed of songs from his previous masterpiece albums Symbolic Hemispheres, Seeds And Leeches, Dark Matter and Hybrid Clockwork. However I soon found out that there was an awful lot more work here than just the copy/pasting of old tracks into a new order! In fact, Re-Animate may just might be his finest album yet!

Turns out that Keith hooked up with producer Dylan McPrice (a/k/a McDylbot) in mid 2014, and together, they actually re-recorded the best of Keith's older hits. And I mean re-recorded. Like Keith re-singing his vocal tracks with a hot, new, crisp and fresh sound, as well as re-playing many of the guitar tracks and totally punching up the drums and bass as well. With the help of Dylan, they have taken the best of the best from Keith's hit tracks and taken them all to the next level. Thus creating a totally updated sound that raises Re-Animate to a whole new level of hard hitting vocals, catchy in-your-face guitar riffs, and infectious chorus's.

The "new" version of Seeds And Leeches, possibly the best track on the album, is like Sid Vicious meets Slayer meets Rush. The chorus is one of the rare pieces of music that gets into your head and stays with you - and leaves you wanting to hear it again and again. White Conduit is very cool and melodic, with Keith also invoking a Geddy Lee style that makes the track great. The Disconnecting Signal is also a great piece, and keeps the album moving along. Terra Nova has extremely hot guitar riffs and a totally catchy chorus. Originally appearing on Symbolic Hemispheres, the new mixing and recording of the new 2014 version puts it in the "should be a hit song" category. The mellow and melodic NewClear has a great arena-anthem quality to it. Also would put this track into the "should be a hit song" category as well.

Stabbing Daggers starts off with a dream-like slow intro, until it comes up and hits you in the balls with quite possibly the single best guitar riff on the album. You will find heavy metal at its' best in this track for sure. Massacre Of The Mind, originally from Hybrid Clockwork is also laced with great recording and mastering, punchy guitar riffs and again, just a perfect sprinkling of Rush-like qualities.

Stolen (Welcome To Paradise) is a slower, more melodic tune from Symbolic Hemispheres. Keith's emotional vocal performance on this track truly gives you a window into his abilities as a musician and singer, who can handle the hardest of metal, as well as the intensity and emotions of his own insightful lyrics. Toxic Coma from Dark Matter has a great mellow beginning, but quickly turns into a hard hitting tune. Keith's vocals are very strong and moving in this one, and the bass riff is hard to beat as well. Seismic Horizons, also from Dark Matter, has a crisp new feel to it, very well produced, and exploring a lot of new sounds.

The Field Where She Lays has an exceptionally great guitar sound and Keith's trademark vocals. A bit of a more mellow track, The Field has wonderful introspective lyrics and spot-on recording quality. It has a classic sound, complete with violins and a masterful ethereal quality to it, The Field has that "epic sound" that makes it shine. The bonus track Stigma, with music written by Dylan and lyrics by Keith is also a great mellow track, with first rate vocals and superior recording qualities.

The artwork contained with the CD package is amazing itself. Keith has always taken great pride in the entire production of each of his albums, including the CD art, which is often a lost element in much of the music of today. The CD comes with art from each of his previous albums, plus an insert with the all words to each song (which is a nice touch). Looking at the whole package, and hearing the music as a complete piece of work, it is almost unbelievable that Keith has actually done most of this on his own.

From concept to lyrics, to art design, Re-Animate does not disappoint at any level. Plus with the help of Dylan, Keith's music has been "Re-Animated" into a whole new, professional level. The fact that this guy is not signed with a major label at this point is quite unbelievable. After this new compilation CD, I am sure he will be soon."

1st January 2015:


'Re-Animate' is now fully available from most digital distribution platforms and is also available on CD direct from Keith. 'Re-Animate' has so far been Keith's most successful album yet, it has reached 8th place in the Rockadia Chart and has been generally received very well. Since the release of 'Re-Animate' on December 17th 2014 Keith's music Facebook profile has achieved a massive rise in new 'likes.' 

If you would like to follow Keith on Facebook please clink onto the link below:


Here are a few ways you can purchase/preview 'Re-Animate.'






The places above are just a tiny amount of the links available, please see your own countries iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and like minded territories and search for - Keith Davies. My music is available worldwide and it shouldn't take very long to find my music on your local platform.

2015 will yet again see Keith work alongside McDylbot (produced Re-Animate) to create a brand new album entitled 'Electrogenesis.' 

'Electrogenesis' doesn't have a release date confirmed but I am aiming to have it ready at some point in 2015. More information regarding 'Electrogenesis' will be given at a later date. 

I am also on Reverbnation. Please take look at my page because I have full songs available to hear via Reverbnation. I am also currently Number One on Reverbnation as I type. Clink link below:


23 November 2014:

Re-Animate - The 100% Truth:

Where do I start? I guess at the beginning.. After the release of Hybrid Clockwork I got myself into a big load of debt. The cost of creating everything kinda got to me and I started to worry about how I was gonna pay off the amount Hybrid Clockwork totalled too? I questioned for a long while 'is this all worth it?'

Sure enough I got heaps of satisfaction from creating everything from scratch! It's pretty much why I do what I do! The whole process of designing the imagery and creating new music was what fuelled me with each album I made! Do I make my music for myself or do I make it for my small number of fans? I guess if I'm truthful there's a part of me that aims towards both! If I'm not happy with what I've created how could I ever expect anyone else to latch onto it and enjoy it? We all know that when I wrote the song 'White Conduit' I absolutely hated it! At the time I wasn't happy with the way it sounded and it truly frustrated me beyond belief. I kind of got my head around what I needed to do to 'fix' the song to where I could accept it a bit more, but I was still never fully happy with it.

'Re-Animate' was always in the pipeline and I had the clear direction of where I wanted to take the album, so when Hybrid Clockwork was done and dusted I set about putting the wheels in motion for 'Re-Animate.' I don't really like talking about 'money' but the truth is, I don't really have very much of it and with each album it kinda set me back in the cash dept! I always try and exceed my previous efforts and sometimes I achieved it and sometimes I didn't! So with 'Re-Animate' moving forward I kinda stopped dead in my tracks and shit myself about how I was going to move on with my music? Is this just an expensive hobby, and if so, at what point do I say enough is enough? Is it when people start knocking on my door for money when I can't pay my bills due to me funding my music projects?

It all got on top of me and it stopped being fun! I'd argue with my wife because I wasn't putting enough money aside to pay out bills etc etc.. The only thing I had to do now was work out how to tell 'YOU' that I was quitting?? Sure as shit I never really wanted to have to come out and say stuff like that because not only are you my fans but the majority of you I treat as friends! I didn't want to lose touch with that part but I knew at the time I had to announce I was quitting would force some of you away!

When the announcement came that I had to quit I received many nice messages from people around the world and without going into too much detail I kinda retreated and felt terrible! I felt like I was letting people down including myself!

I wanted to re-mix my old songs and create 'Re-Animate' so badly that it pissed me off that I couldn't afford to bring my vision to life! I got so disillusioned with music! Where do I go from here? In order to stop my train of thought I left Facebook..

One day out of the blue I received an email that pretty much made me sit up and take notice. That email came from McDylbot and he pretty much in a nutshell said "it's a real shame that you've decided to quit making music, you have created some awesome songs! Could I try and entice you to change your mind about quitting?" And then he hit me with it and said "How do you feel about letting me tinker with one of your songs because I feel confident that I can make them sound better than you can? I don't think you'll be disappointed with the results!"

I'm gonna be honest and say right now that I laughed out loud when I read that! Not because I thought he was taking the piss and being big headed, but because I thought to myself "I don't know you? Why would I let someone who I've never met take one of my songs and give them a chance to rip me off?"

I politely refused his offer, low and behold he came back again, and again and again.. Each time asking me if I've changed my mind? In the end I eventually started to talk about what his intentions were by helping me and he made me start to believe that he was actually genuine? Could someone who I've never met actually be kind enough to donate their time to me and my music in this manner? People like that don't exist, do they? Surely this is a con?

In the end I thought to myself, I've quit, I've nothing left to lose so I decided to start asking what song of mine he was thinking of re-mixing for me and what his intentions are with helping me in this manner? We sent many long emails back and forth and he stated that he wasn't out to rip me off and he wasn't out to take my copyright away from me, blah blah blah.. for a few weeks we thrashed this out until it was decided that I let him attempt a version of 'The Field Where She Lays!'

Music to me is sacred and any musician be it famous or not has a lot of passion for what they do otherwise they wouldn't attempt to create music in the first place and that is why I will do all that I can to protect mine!

What happens now?

I plucked up the courage and sent McDylbot the individual stems to 'The Field Where She Lays' and immediately we encountered a problem! That problem turned out to be because the fact that I never used a metronome when I recorded my music it played havoc with what he was trying to do with the song! So with that said we had only one option to actually make this sound 'better'..

'Re-record the whole song!!!!'

Really?? I thought to myself, is this really necessary? And that is exactly what happened! What started out as just remixing my original song actually turned into a bigger job from day one! Because of the whole 'metronome' scenario none of my original recording could be used and McDylbot came up with the idea that he would swap out my guitar and replace/re-record it from his end! I immediately started to get nervous and didn't like the idea of someone else playing my music!! I convinced myself that I would let this happen and if I didn't like what I heard then I would knock this on the head and call it all off! As luck would have it McDylbot kept me in the loop at all stages! He would send me files back and be like "Is this how you want it?"

For ages we'd swap files back and forth and each time there'd be a new part added to the song! First came the basic guitar and drum sections. Then came the bass and orchestral sections and then it was time for vocals.. It has to be said that the only thing from the original recording that was kept for 'The Field..' was my original vocal recording! McDylbot added my original vocals into the mix and enhanced them & sent me an unmastered version for my approval! So what did it take to re-create the Re-Animate version?

Brand new guitar recordings, brand new bass recordings, brand new orchestral arrangements and brand new drum recordings! The only thing that remains from my original recording is my vocals! When I was happy with the way it was put together McDylbot finished the mix and mastered it and proceeded to email me the finished version! I remember that day very well.. I was at work when I got the message that told me 'The Field Where She Lays' was completed! Lunchtime for me at work is between 1pm and 1:30pm and I quickly retreated to the back of my jobs warehouse and grabbed my headphones to listen to this song.. With a big sigh I sat down amongst the pallets and I pushed the 'play' button and what I heard totally blew me away! I ain't ashamed to admit that it brought a tear to my eyes! I sat there dumbfounded in amazement at how between the both if us we managed to create this version without ever setting foot in the same room as each other?? I literally played the song as many times as I could fit it into my half hour lunch break! It was quite clear to me that this guy knew a lot more than I did about getting music to sound great! So what happens now?

If we were gonna attempt to re-record anymore songs together I sure as hell wanted new vocals on these songs so I made a deal with McDylbot that I would re-record brand new vocals and that he would take care of the music side if we decided to pursue the Re-Animate album? We agreed that this was probably the best way forward and from that moment onwards Re-Animate was born..

We initially agreed to re-do eight of my songs for 'Re-Animate' but when those eight songs neared completion McDylbot pushed the boat out and asked me how I felt on doing ten songs for 'Re-Animate?' I guess that McDylbot was enjoying helping me out a bit too much? By this time I was buzzing with what was happening and I whole heartedly agreed that ten songs sounded ace to me! Then I got sprung with another opportunity when McDylbot offered me some of his music and asked me if I was interested in trying my hand at writing words and singing over some of his music that he was kinda stuck with? I naturally accepted the task and began to work on his music for a while whilst he was mixing and mastering songs for 'Re-Animate!' I truly felt that this was the closest I could get to being in a real band and went at it tooth and nail..

It took me about a week to write the words for the song that turned into 'Stigma' and I recorded my vocals as soon as I could! I was dead excited about 'Stigma' because it was something new that I could sink my teeth into! I know from previous experience that when you mix and master your own songs they kinda get on your nerves due to the fact that you have to keep on listening to the same song over and over again until you're comfortable with your finished product! These songs kinda go stale pretty quick so it was an amazing weight off of my shoulders to not be the sole person who attends to that side of creating my music!

I know from what McDylbot has said to me that he enjoyed creating 'Re-Animate' with me but he was also relieved when it was all over!

Ten songs into the fray and we decided to include 'Terra Nova 2213' into the 'Re-Animate' universe! Enter Tom Barraclough..

Tom was recommended to me by McDylbot to recreate the solo for 'Terra Nova 2213' and turn it into something special! Would Tom be interested in helping me out? The answer to that was "yes!"

Tom created and recorded a blinding solo for the new version of 'Terra Nova 2213' and I couldn't be more happier with how it turned out! 'Terra Nova 2213' was never a song I had planned to put onto 'Re-Animate' but i'm glad that I did!

'Re-Animate' is the closest you will ever get to my solo music being performed by a proper band and it was all made possible by McDylbot, Tom Barraclough and myself! So these ten songs multiplied into eleven songs and then McDylbot surprised me with the chance to use 'Stigma' as a bonus song for 'Re-Animate' which bumped up the total to twelve! When I agreed to put my voice to 'Stigma' I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting to have that song on my album! I lent my voice to McDylbot's song because I generally felt that I was helping him out! When he offered me the song his reasons behind it stated that it fits my style more than his own current bands style! I didn't know what to say and a few times throughout making 'Re-Animate' I became speechless! I was always so very impressed at the high level and standards that McDylbot worked towards!

On the 24th August 2014 McDylbot first messaged me to put his services forward in order to help me out! 'Re-Animate' never got properly started until mid September! On the 21st November 2014 'Re-Animate' was officially completed and I've never had so much fun with my music! What did I gain from all this -

Let me tell you:

Of course I gained an album out of this but more importantly to me I gained the trust and friendship of two people I've still yet to meet face to face! The whole scenario in the beginning frightened the life outta me because I was completely sure that I was gonna get ripped off! It's fair to say that McDylbot in particular has opened my eyes to the fact that there are still genuine people living in this world and without a doubt this is the proudest I've ever been regarding my music! I would not have 'Re-Animate' within my legacy if it wasn't for the kindness and dedication he showed towards me, and for that alone I am forever grateful to him!

For any of my fans that listens to 'Re-Animate' and actually likes it, I urge you ALL to thank McDylbot because if it wasn't for him this album definitely wouldn't be here and it definitely wouldn't sound like it currently does! There's no doubt in my mind that this album is the best thing to ever grace my name and to be able to hear these songs in such splendour is a real treat for me and I'm seriously hoping that you guys dig this as much as I truly do!



9th NOVEMBER 2014:

'Re-Animate' is now fully recorded and is currently undergoing post production and will be available for worldwide digital and CD release in December 2014. 

(CD's may not be available in December due to the 'Glass Mastering' process being time consuming. Another reason I may not receive the finished CD product in December is due to the Christmas holidays/mailing system being hectic for delivery circumstances!)

With that said I can now tell you the FULL track listing for Re-Animate:

01. Seeds And Leeches

02. White Conduit

03. The Disconnecting Signal

04. Terra Nova 2213

05. NewClear

06. Stabbing Daggers

07. Massacre Of The Mind

08. Stolen (Welcome To Paradise)

09. Toxic Coma

10. Seismic Horizons

11. The Field Where She Lays

12. Stigma (brand new song available ONLY via the Re-Animate CD) 

'Stigma' is a new original song written by McDylbot and features Keith on vocals. 'Stigma' was a song that has been on the back-burner for approx 4yrs due to McDylbot not knowing where to take the song lyrically. When Keith teamed up with McDylbot to record 'Re-Animate' Keith was offered 3 songs that McDylbot had written and asked if he could address his voice and put the finishing touches onto these songs. Keith completed the lyrics for 'Stigma' and proceeded to record the vocals as soon as he could. The other songs will be attended to at another time..

When McDylbot heard what Keith had recorded he offered the song to Keith for inclusion on the 'Re-Animate' album. He said "the song fitted Keith's style and song direction" more than his own and Keith accepted the song with many thanks & great anticipation! Because of Keith's song writing skills and McDylbot's amazing recording/mastering techniques Keith has decided to work with McDylbot again on 'Electrogenesis' which will be the next album from Keith Davies. Work on this album has already started due to Keith writing the basics of two new songs. No proper recording will start until 2015 for 'Electrogenesis.'

'Re-Animate' will be available from most major digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and Spotify. Please take a moment to watch the video below for a short blast as to what you can expect from the 'Re-Animate' album. Hope you enjoy what you hear and don't forget to seek out the album!! CD's Will again be available direct from me so please feel free to contact me and pre-order your copy NOW! 

email: [email protected] (for further details on the Re-Animate CD) 

11th October 2014:

'Re-Animate' the much talked about 'best of' album by Keith Davies is due for release in December 2014 and I have an update regarding that said album:

There will be two versions of Re-Animate available and the differences are simple.. The digital distribution version will contain 11 tracks and the CD version will contain 12 tracks! The digital distribution track listing will span the past four albums that Keith has released whilst the CD version contains that very same track listing it also houses a brand new original never before heard song! Now then, this new track has been written by McDylbot and has a serious Silverchair vibe to it which is right up Keith's street! McDylbot has handed Keith a handful of songs to try and add his vocal touches to them and this bonus track is just one positive result hailing from his efforts!

The name of this brand new track is 'Stigma.' 

McDylbot has written the music for this track and has given the song to Keith because in McDylbot's words said "it suited Keith's musical direction and style more than his own!" 

The complete track listing for Re-Animate will be posted here soon!

10th September 2014

Here's a couple of updates for you all. Firstly I would like to say that Access FM have played yet another new track of mine on last nights Rock Show. The new version of 'White Conduit' was aired for the first time. I have to say that this new version kicks major ass!

Work on 'Re-Animate' is going well. So far three songs have been completed to satisfaction and the fourth track will have vocals recorded for it on Friday 12th September. If all goes to plan, 'Re-Animate' should be completed around Christmas time 2014.

2nd September 2014

Tune into 104.2 Access FM tonight to hear the brand new version of 'The Field Where She Lays.' The radio show is hosted by Tom Payne and starts at 8pm. (UK time) If you miss the show and still want to hear the brand new version of 'The Field Where She Lays' you can tune into the repeat of the show which will be replayed on Sunday 7th September at 7pm (UK Time) 

Clink link below to listen via the internet:

(since writing this I can tell you that 'The Field Where She Lays' is the fourth song to be played so tune in on time otherwise you'll miss this brand new version!)

1st September 2014

It's all change regarding my music and what do I mean by that? Well... Over the past month I have been working with another musician called Dyl McPrice.
Dyl is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire UK and we are collaborating over the internet to breathe extra life into my older songs and by doing this we will be creating the 'Re-Animate' album together. 'Re-Animate' will contain updated versions of some of my older songs. Brand new vocals are being recorded and on most tracks there will be slight changes in the music too. Now don't be alarmed by that last statement because these changes are hopefully going to make my songs bigger and better than ever before.

So far we have a much more dynamic sound going on within my songs and both myself and Dyl are working as fast as we can to bring you the best quality songs you have ever heard from me. The final track listing isn't confirmed yet, but just to give you an idea of what we're trying to do with 'Re-Animate' we are trying to reinvent these songs and give them a more polished sound. There are many new things we have incorporated into my songs and one of those things is a brand new orchestral arrangement for 'The Field Where She Lays' and it sounds truly awesome. Dyl is doing all he can to mix and master these songs in order to bring the best out of them and so far the results have been superb. Dyl is actually in a band of his own called 'Six Or Five.' Check 'em out on youtube via the link below -

To find out more about Dyl McPrice please click onto the following links:

below is a short video showing some of the changes incorporated into 'The Field Where She Lays..'

7th July 2014

Had another fantastic review from a fan of mine regarding my latest album Hybrid Clockwork. It's truly awesome for me to know that Hybrid Clockwork is being well received. Below is the whole unedited review from Yesu Mauree. 

"Potentially one of Keith's heaviest works to date, Hybrid Clockwork lives up to the hype. After delivering three records, each more exquisite than the other, Davies is back with this new album, which greets the listener with pure unadulterated hard pumping adrenalin as soon as the opening track titled ‘I am Hated’ starts. Feral and visceral, the first three tracks set the mood and “Don’t fuck with me!” attitude, which prevail throughout most of album. The subtle industrial and post punk influences (particularly heard on ‘Massacre of the Mind’ and ‘The Illegal God’) really bring a new cut-throat feeling to Keith’s repertoire, which I found most enjoyable.


My personal favorites however are the two softer songs on the album: ‘Hieroglyph Cenotaph’ and ‘Black Conduit’. These two tracks feature masterfully crafted melodies and impressive musical arrangements. The progression is fluid, and intriguingly unconventional- definitely a must-have for alternative music-enthusiasts. I also really enjoyed ‘White Conduit’, surprisingly poppy as compared to the rest of the album, with a really catchy verse and a few glam-rock sonorities- a very surprising finish, which once again gives a glance of the extensive versatility of Keith as an artist.

The album also comes with an artwork booklet (which appears to be themed around ruins of ancient civilizations, probably Mayan- very creative once again), a lyrics sheet, and a DVD; the latter featuring a most insightful look into how the album was made by means of a pretty instructive making-of video, which actually has very useful tips and tricks for aspiring musicians. The DVD also features music videos for some of Keith’s earlier works, an amusing amateur horror-short-movie produced by Keith himself, and a superb cover of Silverchair’s ‘Petrol and Chlorine’. Overall- it’s a blast!

As a footnote, I can’t help but express how impressed I am with Keith’s work, especially considering that he actually plays on all the tracks; mixes and produces everything by himself. The amount of dedication and effort that went into it can be heard by the quality of the output, sonically and lyrically. It’s very hard to find artists who are talented and in for the right reasons these days, and I’m quite appalled whenever I hear that Keith Davies is actually unsigned, and very much inspired by the incredible music he has created so far.  Considering the recently announced change in distribution of future albums (shifting to digital only), Hybrid Clockwork places itself as a worthy conclusion to Keith Davies’ tetralogy of CD-releases, and definitely lives up to the expectations." - Yesu Mauree. (Mauritius 2014)

29th June 2014

Since Hybrid Clockwork has been available I have had some really awesome reviews and feedback from the people who own it!.. 

"I just got your new album, man this is so intense that I don't have the words to describe it. I fucking love it! I think this is your best work. So much passion, the artwork impresses me a lot. Your songs are great, that voice, those guitar riffs, the drums are really mind-blowing. Awesome DVD video. Your songs on this album are so deep, the lyrics are catchy. You are a really talented person to take your time & effort to make this awesome album. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have this album for free, I think it's the best I ever had. - Chetan Ramloll, Mauritius, 2014.

21st June 2014

The 'Hybrid Clockwork' DVD contains the following:

Dark Matter era:

01. 'The Age of Evolution (Overture of Revelations)' music video

02. The Creation of Dark Matter Part One

03. The Creation of Dark Matter Part Two

Seeds and Leeches era:

04. '(Road to Ruin) Parasite Stuck Inside' music video

Symbolic Hemispheres era:

05. 'The Field Where She Lays' music video

06. 'Terra Nova 2213' lyric video

07. Stolen (Welcome to Paradise) live acoustic re-mastered audio version

08. 'The Field Where She Lays' live acoustic re-mastered audio version

There are a few hidden extras and when you find them I hope you enjoy them. The DVD is an extra included with the 'Hybrid Clockwork' CD package and is not available separately.  

20th June 2014

On the 15th June 2014 'Hybrid Clockwork' was released worldwide via digital distribution and may I say that things have gone very well so far.. As you can see from the image/screenshot above, 'Hybrid Clockwork' went straight into the 'Rockadia New Release Charts' at Number 24! What is staggering is that Keith's latest album went straight in above some of his childhood heroes. At number 38 are 'Skid Row' with their new album 'Chapter Two: Rise of the Damnation Army.' In the late 80's through to the mid 90's Keith was a massive fan of Skid Row and to see one of his albums above theirs is a remarkable personal achievement! Another massive boost to Keith's confidence is the fact that Hybrid Clockwork was released on the same day as John 5's new material and to see that John 5 is number 72 is nothing short of a miracle. For those of you who may not know, John 5 was the former guitarist for Marilyn Manson and has since left Manson to join Rob Zombie's band. 

To get your digital copy of 'Hybrid Clockwork' all you have to do is click one of the links below:

AMAZON UK  (available worldwide on ALL Amazon platforms)

iTunes UK (available worldwide on ALL iTunes platforms)

CD Baby 

If you would like a Professional CD please contact Keith via the following email:

[email protected] 

All Hybrid Clockwork CD's come with an 8-page full colour booklet and open gate-fold lyric sheet. Also included is an exclusive Concept Artwork booklet only available with the Hybrid Clockwork CD.   

May 14th 2014

I am proud to announce that Hybrid Clockwork will be available to purchase worldwide from June 15th 2014. The final preparations for the DVD is now under way and I can now reveal the final track listing for Hybrid Clockwork:

01. I Am Hated

02. Hybrid Clockwork

03. Vortex Of Insecurities

04. Hieroglyph Cenotaph

05. Massacre Of The Mind

06. Black Conduit

07. The Illegal God

08. White Conduit

09. A Closing Requiem

10. (bonus cover song only available on the Hybrid Clockwork CD)

The DVD will include all of the music videos that I have made and it will also include a few live tracks as well. Final details of the DVD will be written on my website nearer the release date. 

April 29th 2014

Over the past few months I have been VERY busy recording and writing new songs. I have now come to the end of the recording sessions and I am currently hitting the mixing stages for Hybrid Clockwork. I estimate that Hybrid Clockwork will be available 'Summer 2014.'

Whilst Hybrid Clockwork is being fine tuned, here is a new music video that I recently made for a song off of my latest album Dark Matter:

THE AGE OF EVOLUTION - (Overture Of Revelations) © 2014 Keith Davies.

February 16th 2014

Just a quick update to let you know that I now have a new music Facebook page and that can be found via the following link below:

Keith Davies Music

January 26th 2014

Small update on the progress of Hybrid Clockwork:
Five songs so far have had the basics written for them. Song titles so far are as follows..

(in no particular order) 
'I Am Hated,' 'Vortex Of Insecurities' and '#N.W.O 20/14.' 

Full track listing will be shared at some point in the future. Also, 'Hybrid Clockwork' will have a limited edition CD package available. I will give more details about this particular version as soon as I am settled on the few ideas that I have for it. Stay tuned for more 'Hybrid Clockwork' information..   

January 1st 2014

Welcome to a brand new year, Happy New Year to ALL of my friends and fans around the world. I would like to take a moment to say how fortunate I am that I have such a great set of fans dotted all over the world. I might not have millions of fans like the bands that I worship, but the fans that I do have I feel honored and very pleased that we have found each other. The internet has been without doubt my greatest outlet and with the internet I have found great people who have become friends as well as fans. 2014 will be a productive year for me because I will be preparing another album and the song writing process will start straight away in January. With 'Dark Matter' having been released in December I wanted to continue that freight train by announcing another album entitled 'Hybrid Clockwork' which will hopefully be finished at some point in 2014. I don't want to set myself a target release date because I want 'Hybrid Clockwork' to be my biggest and best album to date! I don't want to rush things with this album and I hope that by taking this mind-set I will be able to give you something awesome. As a new year gift I want to show you an exclusive video that allows you to see the booklet artwork for 'Hybrid Clockwork.'

'Dark Matter' entered into the Rockadia top 100 charts in December and got as high as #24. I have also been fortunate enough to have had some real nice reviews written about the album and those reviews can be found on the 'review' section here on my website. Here is one review taken from here is the link to see the review on Cd Baby -

Dark Matter

"Once again Keith has Aced it with his latest release "Dark Matter". You are lulled into a false sense of security with the opening guitar, then you are hit with the throaty guttural voice he does so well. I must admit I was quite surprised by track 5 "Distant Circles" where he goes all ballady (Is that a word?) and this really is a great track and would like to hear more from Keith in this format. All in All a great release, looking forward to the next."

Here is a link for Spotify where you can listen to the whole 'Dark Matter' album for free:

Take care and I look forward to catching up with everyone in 2014!!

December 25th 2013

Merry Christmas to ALL of my fans and friends. I hope that 2014 is a great year for everybody!..

Here is something that I would like to put to anyone who is a fan of my music:

I wanted to ask peoples opinions about a certain 'something' that i have planned and my question is -

I want to create a music video for a song from my album Dark Matter and I want it to include my fans as well. What i mean by this is, i want to make a video that
appears to have me and my fans all singing the same song around the world at the same time! What i would need is for all of us to decide upon a certain song and then film yourselves singing/rocking out to the whole song. Once you have filmed yourself i was hoping that you could then email me the video footage and i could edit it together to kinda make it look like we're all singing the same song! If anyone would want to take part please let me know and i will credit everyone who takes part!! 

email me: [email protected] if you're interested in taking part?

You could be at home in your bedroom? Walking down the street? At work? Anything would be awesome!! Your imagination is your limit and the more adventurous you can be the more awesome this video could be for all who take part!!

Also I have a competition that is currently up and running. If anyone fancies attempting a cover of one of my songs? There will be a prize in it for the best one!  Rules of the competition are as follows:

Record your cover and upload it to youtube.. Send me the link to your video and i will include all videos on my official website and music facebook profile. The best video will win.. Entries need to be completed by January 1st.. If you want to take part and feel that you cant get your cover finished by January 1st, let me know and i will extend the closing date! 

Your only limit to what or how you cover my song(s) is up to you? If you're a guitar player and all you wanna do is cover one of my songs by just playing the guitar, that's cool with me! Same goes with vocalists too! Your imagination is  the key to winning! A photo of the prize for this competition will be uploaded here in the near future!

I truly look forward to seeing/hearing what you creative people come up with?   

December 17th 2013

Today is the release day for my latest album entitled Dark Matter. It is available everywhere and here are just some the those places where you can find Dark Matter for sale

Apple iTunes
Amazon MP3
Google Music Store
Muve Music
Slacker Radio
JB Hi-Fi
Samsung Music Hub
Beyond Oblivion
Mondia Media
MySpace Music
Xbox Music

If you would like to hear 'Dark Matter' in it's full capacity free of charge, then please click the Spotify link below - 


15th December 2013

Over the last few weeks I have been jotting down on paper all the things that I can remember about my life when I was in my old band Syphon. What we did, where we went, what actually happened and what might have been.. There were a lot of ups and downs regarding that band and if I'm honest I probably wouldn't be here today making music if it wasn't for me being a part of Syphon. What I aim to do with this is pretty much write out a little diary along with some facts about my music life and try to describe and share with you my experience of being in Syphon and where that has taken me to this day. Being a part of Syphon has changed who I am today.. 

The diary section will be included on the same web page as my biography.  

14th December 2013

December 31st 2013 will be a whole year since Symbolic Hemispheres was officially released!! When i look back on the past year i'm surprised to realise that all three of my solo releases have all come out within one year of each other! In between making each album it seemed such a long time and it only dawned on me that all three have been released within a year!! Since being a musician whether yo
u're an amateur like me or a fully fledged rock star you have to take the rough with the smooth and realise what worked for you and what didn't!! Knowing what i know right now i'd go as far to say this..

1. Symbolic Hemispheres was a success as far as successes from amateurs can be!

2. Seeds and Leeches was a fail. I say this because I personally feel that I could have done better with this album.

3. Dark Matter looks set to topple the success of Symbolic Hemispheres (which is great news for me)

Right now I am very happy with the response to my music and I hope to go one better in 2014 with the release of Hybrid Clockwork.

Hybrid Clockwork's inspiration has been cross fashioned from my interest within the Mayan history and also with the Illuminati. With everything that I do musically I try to create a fictional environment and throw myself into it like it's my own reality, only this time I've used real places and the Illuminati for image inspiration.

Hybrid Clockwork might sound a little strange right now but I am positive that once you see and hear what I eventually come up with it will be self explanatory right through from the music to the imagery.. I have included an individual page for Hybrid Clockwork here on my website. At the moment there are only a few exclusive pictures on there and I aim to update the page as often as I can. 

10th November 2013

Dark Matter, the third album from Keith Davies will be available to purchase from December 17th 2013. 

To get your Dark Matter album please see iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and many other great digital websites. Or if you prefer a Limited Edition CD, you can get that direct from Keith. The limited edition Dark Matter CD comes with three limited edition guitar picks, a full colour comic and a full colour gate-fold lyric sheet that folds out separate from the 8 page booklet. Please see the section on this website dedicated to the Dark Matter album for more direct info. 


Track listing:

01. The Age of Evolution (Overture of Revelations)

02. Toxic Coma

03. The Disconnecting Signal

04. The Repeating Process

05. Distant Circles

06. Seismic Horizons

07. BONUS TRACK (CD ONLY) The Disconnecting Signal (original instrumental demo)

Please take a look at the Dark Matter HD album sampler video below:

18th September 2013

Here is the second part to 'The Creation Of Dark Matter.'

This video shows you more about my equipment that I use and also features the recording of a guitar solo that is part of the song 'The Age Of Evolution.' 

All music written and produced by Keith Davies © 2012/2013 All Rights Reserved.


14th September 2013

A few weeks ago I made the decision to try and capture how I create my music for my forthcoming album 'Dark Matter.' I will upload a few different videos that will show my progress. The first of these videos includes live performances that were filmed especially for this small documentary type of footage. 

Running time: 22 mins (approx)

Video includes exclusive live performances, music videos and snippets of my new album.

Hope you like what you see/hear? All I ask is that you remember one thing.. I am only an amateur musician! 

All music written and produced by Keith Davies © 2012/2013 All Rights Reserved.


3rd September 2013



Symbolic Hemispheres and Seeds & Leeches are both albums from Keith Davies. This video showcases the softer side of Keith's music and includes FOUR songs that feature on both albums.

1. Concave Complex © 2013 Keith Davies is taken from the album Seeds and Leeches.

2. Stolen (Welcome to Paradise) © 2012 Keith Davies is taken from the album Symbolic Hemispheres.

3. The Field Where She Lays © 2012 Keith Davies is taken from the album Symbolic Hemispheres.

4. Symbolic Hemispheres Part One © 2012 Keith Davies is taken from the album Symbolic Hemispheres.

All music written and recorded by Keith Davies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

If you are interested in owning either both or one of the CD's please contact Keith via email: [email protected]

16th August 2013

Here is a look at the 'Dark Matter' limited edition package, available in 2014!


17th July 2013

Below is another awesome review that was submitted to me for my album Seeds and Leeches:

"I finally got some time to really listen to your new album, and I was very, very impressed. The recording quality was great, and it was played through a very high end system - so I could hear every little nuisance, sound, and strum. Your voice has really come a long way from your old YouTube videos covering Rush songs. The multi-layering of the tracks came out great, very well mixed - and even when there was "a lot going on", you could still hear all the tracks mixed perfectly.

Your writing is excellent, although a bit on the dark side - but that seems to be what you were going for. I don't know if you will think of this as a compliment - because I mean it to be - but if you put Rush, Kansas, Yes and Pink Floyd in a blender, then perfectly aged it for 20 years, "Seeds & Leeches" would be poured out, creating a modern symphony-type sound, but still holding to many of the musical innovations and groundbreaking sounds of those other bands.

Also, the fact that you played all the tracks is practically amazing - knowing that you started out primarily as just a singer and guitar player.

The album (CD) art is stunning. Whoever did that artwork is really good. Some of the lyrics are hard to read because of some of the black on black type over the art, but generally you get the gist of the lyrics.

So over all, I would give it an A+, knowing all what you went through to make this CD happen. You should get a producer and some management fast, I feel, in order to take this - or your next album - to the next level and get your "new" sound exposed to a larger worldwide audience.

You should be very proud of this work. And your wife must be the most patient woman in the world, knowing how long producing something like this takes. Wonderful job!

Best of luck to you!

Review submitted by "Daniel Harrison, President, Master Image Productions Worldwide Entertainment Group" - Las Vegas USA.

28th June 2013

On July 24th 2013 Melissa Lee Prescott went on American Channel WCCATV to talk with Mauro DePasquale about her love for animals and also her dedication to protecting the Pit Bull dog from harmful dog fighting. Melissa is also putting together the final pieces of her documentary entitled 'Pit Bulls Have Feelings Too.' It's this documentary where I fit into this scenario. Some of you may or may not know that I created a few pieces of music for the documentary and my album 'Symbolic Hemispheres' gets a mention at around 23mins 10secs into the video. The reaction of host Mauro DePasquale is some-what very pleasing for me and I can't thank Melissa and Mauro enough for talking about me in such positive ways!. Checkout Melissa's recent TV appearance via the video below..

For more information regarding the documentary and all things to do with Melissa and her quests for peace in the dog fighting world, please visit her website.

Below are a couple of video stills from the WCCATV broadcast

19th June 2013

(Road to Ruin) Parasite Stuck Inside is taken from the album 'Seeds and Leeches' and is the latest video to surface from Keith Davies. Immense tension and adrenaline fuels this pounding song from the start to finish! All music/lyrics written, performed and recorded by Keith Davies.

(Road to Ruin) Parasite Stuck Inside - © Copyright 2013 Keith Davies. All Rights Reserved. 

17th June 2013

Amongst the many reviews I've received for my album 'Seeds and Leeches' this has got to be my best to date.. Thank you to island of Mauritius for your support and thank you to Yesu Mauree for submitting the following review..

"After a most smashing debut record, Keith Davies is back with “Seeds and Leeches”, a self-produced two-CD album which absolutely enthralls and surprises the listener by its versatility and lyrical depth.
Heavier and darker than its predecessor, Seeds and Leeches quickly sets the tone with post-apocalyptic themes and references to nuclear warfare as well as the fall of humankind resulting from the greed and wretchedness of the latter. Alternating between screamo and soft-yet-powerful vocals, and set against heavy guitars and aggressive drumming, the mixing is cleverly implemented to effectively carry the emotions of angst and anger infused in the first few songs; resulting in one hell of a wicked listening experience! I’d also like to point out that the sound quality is exquisitely clear, and the bass-tracks really shine through.
That being said, I am personally more of a fan of Mr. Davies’ softer works, so the post-intermission songs really did it for me.
My favorite track from the whole album would definitely be “Concave Complex” a very melodic and surprisingly full of contrasts musical-piece. I really loved the acoustic guitar tracks, combined with an orchestral ensemble in the background: Keith’s full vocal prowess really is striking in this one.
I also really liked Symbolic Hemispheres (Part II), which is as enthralling and fascinating as was Part 1 -from Symbolic Hemispheres (Keith’s debut album). The instrumental track features an impressive musical composition, and proves once again that Keith Davies quite the force to be reckoned with.
Adding to the epic awesomeness, Disc-Two offers “By Your Side” (Really love that song ever since I heard the demo of it, I’m glad it got released) as well as Acoustic versions of selected songs. A must-have.
"Seeds and Leeches – it’ll blow your mind!"

13th June 2013

Reverbnation were the hosts and reviewers of my song 'NewClear' (taken from the album Seeds and Leeches) here are some of the best reviews from my Reverbnation crowd review: 

"This song is very atmospheric and enchanting. The vocal is largely expressive and rich. He puts in one beautiful and emotional vocal performance. The lyrics are filled with emotion and touching lines. A lot of people could find themselves in them. Lovely song, filled with warmness and feelings. I would gladly listen to this song again."  

"After listening to garbage that made me want to shoot myself for the past 10 minutes, this was a big improvement. The guitar is different, and the vocalist has quite a large range. When he sings those high notes , you can sense the emotion in his heart that he's trying to communicate. The lyrics are very poetic and they tell the artists story quite well. The way that they tie together nicely with the vocalist's voice makes the song very warm and passionate. With such rich vocals, you can make a plethora of amazing songs that a lot of people can relate to. Very high quality song, nicely done. The chorus is so powerful and makes you really think. I love it." 

"Deep meaningful lyrics, has a very smooth underlying melody. Great vocals, could be slightly more powerful as they are sometimes drowned out by the back music. Great amount of instrumnental sections and great variation of chords."

11th June 2013

The Field Where She Lays - © Keith Davies 2012

Taken from the album Symbolic Hemispheres. Available to purchase from the web store above or iTunes, Amazon Mp3 plus other great websites..

June 10th 2013


I couldn't be happier!! THANK YOU!!

June 2nd 2013

Find Keith on iTunes:

iTunes USA has an exclusive track for sale - Sweet Dreams (are made of this) 

I have maintained the legal rights to sell my version of Sweet Dreams via Digital Downloads in the USA ONLY! You won't find this song on any other international iTunes website:

All other international iTunes sites have everything else available except Sweet Dreams.

© Annie Lennox UMPG (MGB LLC Account)

LIMELIGHT Dept c/o RightsFlow Inc - No:14279702

Find Keith on Amazon MP3:

Amazon MP3 USA has an exclusive track for sale - Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

I have maintained the legal rights to sell my version of Sweet Dreams via Digital Downloads in the USA ONLY! You won't find this song on any other international Amazon MP3 website: 

All other international Amazon MP3 sites have everything else available except Sweet Dreams.

© Annie Lennox UMPG (MGB LLC Account)

LIMELIGHT Dept c/o RightsFlow Inc - No:14279702

June 1st 2013

As the beginning of this video explains, I was approached by a friend of mine and asked if I was interested in creating the music for an up and coming amateur documentary about the misinterpretation of the 'Pit Bull' dog. I have never before attempted to create the music for a TV/documentary scenario but I accepted the challenge. This video shows all seven musical pieces that I created for the documentary. Below is the track listing - 

1. Touch
2. You And Me
3. Orchestral Sense
4. By Your Side
5. Bell Melody
6. Wah Effect
7. Choirbells

Most of my inspiration for the instrumentals came from my love of the Tomb Raider video games. I always loved the soundtracks to those games. I've never (until now) tried to write songs about animals or dogs, I don't mind admitting that I found it pretty difficult to write lyrics that related to this kind of topic. The song titled 'By Your Side' is pretty much about being afraid of something that only wants to be your friend. The 'something' in this case is the Pit Bull Terrier.

The song 'Touch' is a piano driven instrumental that includes bass, percussion and a background vocal 'hum' which I tried to use lightly in the background to fill out the end of the instrumental.

'You And Me' is a short introduction song that simplifies the admiration for another living 'thing.' In this case yet again I am referring to a dog.

All Pit Bull information that is written within this video was taken from Wikepedia.

All music was written, recorded and performed by Keith Davies.

© 2012

Video created and edited by Keith Davies with the help from MotionElements.

Follow Keith on Facebook -

Follow Keith on ReverbNation -

Hope you enjoy what I created for the Pit Bull Documentary..

The image above shows the front cover of the Seeds and Leeches CD.  


Get your free copy by emailing Keith at the following address:

[email protected]

May 7th 2013

The second album 'Seeds and Leeches' from Keith Davies is available everywhere from TODAY!

iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, X-Box live to name a few..

There is a second alternative to purchasing 'Seeds and Leeches' and that is - 


[email protected] 


April 30th 2013

UPDATE: The second album from Keith Davies entitled 'Seeds and Leeches' will be available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and many other top music websites from: 

Tuesday 7th May 2013. 

If anyone would like a professionally printed two disc 'Seeds and Leeches' CD please contact me via email: [email protected]

The second disc is ONLY available direct from me and will not feature on iTunes or any other website. More information regading 'Seeds and Leeches' will follow in the next few days!

April 5th 2013

UPDATE: 'Seeds and Leeches' the up and coming new album from Keith Davies is currently still in production, but you can get a sneek peek of three early demos by clicking onto the the link below..

Seeds and Leeches Video Link

March 13th 2013

Symbolic Hemispheres can now be purchased direct from Keith via PayPal.


£5 + £1 postage to ANYWHERE in the world! 

Thanks to ALL who have supported me! 


All Rights Reserved © 2012

March 8th 2013

Good news arises once more!! For the second time this year I have made it to Number One in the Reverbnation Rock chart! For someone like me that is a pretty impressive thing to achieve! Never did I think I would make it to Number One let alone do it twice over a period of three months! Click link below to hear FULL SONGS and get exclusive downloads for free!  

March 4th 2013

Purchase Symbolic Hemispheres direct from Keith and receive a professionally printed Compact Disc. Pay via PayPal from the link below. To hear the album please click on the WEB STORE icon within the menu selection at the top of the website.

ONLY £5 plus £1 postage to ANYWHERE IN THE  WORLD!!

March 3rd 2013

Here is a link to a video that shows some of the highlights for my latest album 'Symbolic Hemispheres.' 


March 2nd 2013

Many people have submitted questions to me regarding dertain aspects of my music and I chose to respond to these questions via video. Below are three short videos answering specific questions that were emailed to me by various different sources. 

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

PART 3 -

February 18th 2013

Unfortunately due to family situations, Keith has been forced to cut back on the proposed double album 'Seeds and Leeches'. 

What will happen now?..

'Seeds and Leeches' will still be recorded but due to the circumstances listed above the album will now consist of just one release and not the originally planned 'double album'. The original idea of the double album was to seperate the acoustic songs from the louder rock/metal influenced songs. However, time and lack of money has changed Keith's mind about the way to progress forward with 'Seeds and Leeches'.

Where do we go from here?..

Today will be the first day of recording for 'Seeds and Leeches'. As the process moves forward I will upload a few behind the scenes videos that will show a few little updates and sneak peeks into the songs.

February 9th 2013

Confirmation was given today to release a few of the song titles that will be on 'Seeds and Leeches'.


'Parasite Stuck Inside'

'Concave Complex'

'Symbolic Hemispheres (Part II)

February 7th 2013

Couple of things to share with you today.. 

1. My reign at Number One on Reverbnation has sadly come to an end but I am happy to say that I was Number One for Three whole weeks. I have now slipped slightly to Number Two, but that's totally cool in my book! 

2. There is a brand new section here on my website that is dedicated to my new double album. I am in the early stages of production for these albums and therefore more information regarding 'Seeds and 'Leeches' can be found from the icon listed in the browser bar above. 

January 23rd 2013

Today I received yet another review for Symbolic Hemispheres. This review was submitted to me via my email address [email protected]

"Symbolic Hemispheres is an album for all moods - a little of what you are in the mood to hear, no matter what mood you're in! The album starts off loud - the first three songs have bass, pace, and everything you need to get your heart pumping and your head banging. 'The Field Where She Lays' calms down - melodic and a bit more cushioned. 'Guns And a Godless Government' comes in with a punch, and while not my favorite lyric wise, it has great music behind it. The album then introverts, it becomes softer, more reflective, and an intimate time spent in the depths of a true musician's mind. The album's namesake song is one the best instrumentals I have ever heard, and, if that wasn't enough, the final track (an acoustic version of my favorite song on the album), is the perfect end to the journey of this album. Best £6 I have spent on iTunes."

(Review submitted by Miss Fitt, Sheffield, UK)

January 18th 2013

For the second week running I am still ranked Number One on Reverbnation! Thanks to ALL who have helped make that possible!! 

January 12th 2013

I have decided to start work right away on another album, only this time things will be slightly different..

I have chosen to write two albums which will consist of 'Part One' and a 'Part Two.' The first part will be called 'Seeds' and the second part will be titled 'Leeches.' 

The final artwork for both albums will link together to make a panoramic scene and form the collective title of 'Seeds and Leeches.'  Artwork to be finalised..  

Part 1 'Seeds' will be an acoustic album.

Part 2 'Leeches' will be a full-on rock influenced album.

Both albums will be released at different times and 'Seeds' will be the first of the two albums to be released. I am aiming for a 2013 release date for both albums. More details to follow..

JANUARY 11th 2013

Today has been a moment to cherish because I have claimed my first NUMBER 1 in any music chart system! Reverbnation send me weekly updates regarding my position in their charts and to my amazement I found out that I am currently NUMBER 1 in the Reverbnation Rock Chart for the South West of the UK. That is a great achievment for me personally and I feel very proud to say that I reached such a high altitude in chart places! Below is my current chart positions from Reverbnation as of January 11th 2013 :

'Number One' in the Reverbnation South West UK "Rock Music Chart."

'Number Six' in the Reverbnation South West UK "All Genres Chart."

'Number 2,959' in the Reverbnation "GLOBAL Rock Chart."

Below is a screenprint of my Reverbnation Profile. Highlighted in RED is my current Rank..

January 9th 2013

A rather brilliant new review was given to me today for 'Symbolic Hemispheres' by someone who actually owns one of my Limited Edition CD's. This particular CD went all the way to Mauritius and this is what was sent back to me from the listener:

"Symbolic Hemispheres feels like a metaphorical voyage to outer-space: blasting off with the hardcore heavy metal-inspired riffs of "Destroy And Dominate: Save Ourselves" and the equally angsty "Stabbing Daggers" and "Terra Nova 2213", then floating to the soothing and yet impressively haunting ballad "The Field Where She Lays", breaking away from earth's atmosphere to the very post-punk-rock infused "Guns and a Godless Government", gliding through the final minutes with "Stolen - Welcome to Paradise", which comprises of exquisite vocals and an impressive arrangement of orchestral and acoustic guitar tracks; bringing us to "Symbolic Hemispheres", which is in my opinion a piece of instrumental-musical genius, proving to be eye-opening, revelatory, and trippy all at the same time. A really, really good debut for a most promising artist. Made me feel like an astronaut blasting away from earth while my life is flashing back through my head in a non-sequential order!"

(review submitted by Yesu Mauree - Mauritius - 9th January 2013)

December 30th 2012

Don't forget that tomorrow (December 31st 2012) Symbolic Hemispheres is available to purchase from ALL major websites. See below for details of where to purchase the album from..

December 25th 2012

So.. Christmas is here.. Is it just me or has this year gone by so fast??

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 

For those of you who are interested in downloading my new album 'Symbolic Hemispheres' here is a list of places that you can purchase the album from..

Apple iTunes (worldwide)

Amazon Mp3 (worldwide)

Bloom FM




Muve Music





Google Music Store





XBox Music




CD Baby


December 19th 2012

On December 17th 2012, Keith's parents home was accidently burnt down by workmen that were doing upgrades on their house. A rogue flame from a blow-torch managed to catch their boiler on fire and it exploded leaving Keith's parents without a home. December 17th also happens to be Keith's birthday, you can imagine what kind of birthday that turned out to be. Both of Keith's parents managed to escape the fire without any physical harm being done to them. Although they have been made homeless, thay are now living with their daughter until further notice. All possessions they once owned were pretty much destroyed by the fire. Although that Christmas is just around the corner, this is a sad time for Keith and his family.

Now for some good news -

On December 31st 2012 it is obviously New Years Eve, but, on this day 'Symbolic Hemispheres' the long awaited album from Keith will be made available WORLDWIDE via iTunes, Amazon and most other major Mp3 websites. The complete track listing is as follows -

1. Destroy and Dominate: Save Ourselves 

2. Stabbing Daggers

3. Terra Nova: 2213

4. The Field Where She Lays

5. Guns and a Godless Government

6. Stolen: Welcome to Paradise

7. Symbolic Hemispheres

8. (bonus track) Stolen: Welcome to Paradise (acoustic)

December 4th 2012

The video below shows a rough early 'guitar only' version of a new song I'm currently working on. More details to follow..

November 4th 2012

From NOW until November 11th 2012 you can download ALL of my songs for FREE from CD Baby. To take advantage of this offer all you have to do is sign up for a FREE account via CD Baby and then you are eligable to download my songs for free. It takes 2mins to create a profile and it's FREE!  

1st OCTOBER 2012

New single 'Destroy And Dominate: Save Ourselves' is available to purchase WORLDWIDE via iTunes and many other top websites. 

30th SEPTEMBER 2012

Don't forget that from tomorrow '1st October 2012' my new single 'Destroy And Dominate: Save Ourselves' will be available from iTunes (worldwide) and from many other top downloadable websites as well! 

25th SEPTEMBER 2012

'Destroy And Dominate: 'Save Ourselves' will be the new single from Keith Davies. Release date:  

October 1st 2012.

For those of you who can't wait until October 1st, below is a video which shows a sneak peek at two new songs. The songs featured within the video are

1. Terra Nova 2213

2. Destroy & Dominate: 'Save Ourselves'

All Rights Reserved. © Keith Davies.

14th SEPTEMBER 2012

'The Field Where She Lays' is the new single taken from 'Symbolic Hemispheres.'


iTunes USA



'The Field Where She Lays' was chosen for release by Keith's Facebook friends. Each month Keith will give his Facebook friends a choice as to what new song they would like to see released. (see below for details)

Keith said "I have thought about this for a long time and in order to be regular with song releases and to give YOU 'the fans' new music from me on a regular basis, from this MONTH (September 2012) I will release a new song every month until my album is complete! Once the album is completed I will offer a limited numbered edition CD with full colour 8-page inlay & lyric sheets for people who prefer CDs."   

To be in with a chance of casting your vote to decide on the order of what songs get released, join Keith on Facebook and have your say!!

Octobers song choices are as follows - 'Destroy And Dominate: (save ourselves)' and 'Terra Nova 2213.'

12TH AUGUST 2012


It has been brought to my attention that I have been given TWO new reviews regarding my latest song 'Stabbing Daggers.' This first review is taken from iTunes UK and was written by Sygooner - 

"Yet another brilliant piece of mastery! Absolutely love it! Performing at Download and Sonisphere next year I think!!! Come on everyone get behind the talent!!"

The second review is somewhat overwhelming for me and now I'm more confused about my musical future than I ever was (but in a good way) This review was submitted onto iTunes USA and was written by Mated 123 -

"A New Direction?

Mr. Davies has delved into many facets of music over the years and each foray produces a well thought out masterpiece which showcases his talents as an artist and musician. Stabbing Daggers is just an example of what Keith is capable of. A raw mix of shredding guitar and vocals which makes you wonder if you missed some singles in between. The talents and techniques are already refined and there is no "freshman" growing pains heard here. Furthermore, as with all of his music, it is very infectious. You'll find yourself singing it out loud on your way to work, working alone in the garage, or even in the proverbial shower. Don't just check out this single, every single one is worth a listen regardless of what musical genre defines you. You won't be disappointed."


'Symbolic Hemispheres' is the title of Keith's new album. Work is currently still being done to complete the album for a December 2012 release date. Keith hopes to include at least ten songs on the finished album. Song titles already completed are: Stabbing Daggers, The Field Where She Lay, Terra Nova, Commercial Suicide, Enigma and Inside Ourselves. Stabbing Daggers is already available to purchase from the following links:

Or you can view the 'store' link from the tabs above and browse the different songs that are available to purchase. The picture on the left is the front cover of 'Symbolic Hemispheres.'

All music written, recorded and produced by Keith Davies © copyright 2012.

All Rights Reserved.

'Symbolic Hemispheres' COMING SOON December 2012..

'Stabbing Daggers' is the new stomping single available NOW from Keith Davies and is taken from the album 'Symbolic Hemispheres.' 



All music written, recorded and produced by Keith Davies © copyright 2012.

All Rights Reserved. 


Keith has recently finished work on creating the music for an up and coming documentary regarding the Pit Bull Terrier dog. The documentary was created by Melissa Lee Prescott. 'Pit Bulls Have Feelings Too' is the title of not only the documentary but also the title of the website that is dedicated to the documentary. Keith created a number of different instrumentals and original songs for the documentary and has since been spoken about on the Regional American TV station called WCCA TV 13. Melissa was interviewed by Mauro DePasquale and was aired on April 30th 2012. To watch the video of Melissa's interview please click on the following link:

The track listing for 'Pit Bulls Have Feelings Too' is as follows:

1. Touch

2. You And Me

3. Orchestral Sense

4. By Your Side

5. Bell Melody

6. Wah Effect

7. Choir Bells

To hear all the songs from the above track listing please click on the following video link:

The following songs can be downloaded for FREE from Keith's Reverbnation profile and SoundCloud:

You And Me, Touch and By Your Side.

'All artwork and photos used within this website are created by Keith Davies unless stated otherwise. © copyright Keith Davies.'