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THE PATH OF DESTRUCTION - 2018 Album Reviews

'Got your CD in the mail and listened to whole thing while driving around all day yesterday. Wow! Sounds great. Mixed great. Your voice sounds terrific. Drums sound so punchy and good. Guitarist leads are mint. Excellent job overall mate! A+++++'  (Review/Comment by Dan Harrison, Florida, USA)

'With crisp audio quality and fantastic mixing, Keith Davies' new album fixes any gripes that may have afflicted his earlier releases; and focuses on the strong points that made them so great in the beginning. This record is a must-have for long time fans, with remastered versions of earlier songs sounding better than ever. I was particularly thrilled by the new mix of Tabula Rasa, which sounds like it was re-recorded from the ground up. The vocals are smooth, and the new instrumentals add a depth to the song that brings it to a whole other dimension. The new lineup must've contributed to that, and enhance the already deep artistry with an infusion of new influences and ideas. 
The album also features new songs, which I thought to have a distinctively more proggy vibe to them. My favourite track among these would have to be NewClear, which boasts an impressive sense of versatility from the band throughout the song. Overall- this is probably one of the most promising records from an independent band to grace this first quarter of the year, which I can easily recommend to anyone. You'd be daft to miss out on this. (Review by Yesu Mauree, Mauritius)

'I really love this album and there's a lot of killer tracks, never heard anything good as this. It just keeps getting better. I'm grateful that I received the album of Keith Davies yesterday and was so excited even though it took long to arrive. The Path of Destruction is another wonderful masterpiece, the amount of creative artwork that was put into this album never ceases to amaze me. The leaflet design inside the album was dope along with the lyrics, you can tell the amount of work that was put into this album was tremendous. It also consists of killer tracks such as “The Path of Destruction, Victimised and Passive Aggressive" which sounded neat and better loud, moreover it felt nice to re listen to the 2017 hits and it's on repeat.' (Review by Chetan Ramloll, Mauritius)


"Brutal as fuck. These are the words that come to my mind as I listen to Keith Davies' new EP, Electrogenesis.

I've been a fan of Keith for quite a while now, and I have to say: this new release is the best so far in terms of Dyl's sound quality and mixing. The drum tracks are crisp and really give an added dimension to the songs, often featuring eclective experimental oriental-sounding beats; the bass is solid and warm; the guitar work is fucking awesome- Dyl skillfully shifts from heavy dropped-tuned riffs to clean exotic trance-like arpeggio pieces, and epic, out of this world solos from Tom- while remaining melodic throughout.

The vocals are also better, clearer, and more impressive than ever. Keith's voice has evolved beautifully so far, and it shows- from heavier screams to clean vocals, this record really showcases his versatility as a vocalist and songwriter.

My favorite song off the EP would be "Reborn Associative"- featuring death metal elements fused with alternative rock and intriguingly exotic beats during its pre-choruses. I was also pleasantly surprised by the mid-song breakdown and guitar solo, and subsequent build-up on "Maximum Apocalypse".

Overall, this record I think is a wonderful work of art, and the most professional sounding piece Keith Davies has released so far. This new EP kicks-ass, and I can't wait to see how far he takes it with this new-found sound quality and better mixing."

(review by Yesu Mauree, Mauritius)

RE-ANIMATE - Album Reviews:

"Best yet, a serious album with 11 great songs. I don't write great reviews, but being a fan of Mr Davies for quite some time now, I couldn't help but write one regarding this album. Since buying it I have listened to it almost non-stop ever since. Heavier guitars, better sounding tracks... and I was a fan before. This album is just over and above anything I could have ever expected. Fans were teased that this would be the best yet and I have to bet that not one is disappointed. The guitar parts are well put together and now have a more prominent role in the music. Something that works well for me being a novice player myself and always feeling that they deserved a larger role. Keith writes great parts and maybe they were a bit overshadowed by the lyrics in the past... maybe I am speaking with some bias here... If you've listened to any of his instrumentals you'll know what I mean. That being said the lyrics are still just as well done as before and really are probably better. Being a layman to the equipment required for quality recording I can only say that they entire album has a much more professional feel to it. All in all very solid. My favourite of the year, hands down." 

(review by Matthew Cramer, MI, USA. taken from Google Music Store)

"Creating any sort of fresh buzz for a compilation album is often a difficult task for any band or artist, no matter how great the music was when it was first released. Re-mastering original tracks has now become more popular to try to breathe life into older songs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it leaves you wishing that the artist would have just left well enough alone. So, as a long time follower of Keith Davies' music, I was somewhat skeptical when I heard that his new album Re-Animate would mostly be composed of songs from his previous masterpiece albums Symbolic Hemispheres, Seeds And Leeches, Dark Matter and Hybrid Clockwork. However I soon found out that there was an awful lot more work here than just the copy/pasting of old tracks into a new order! In fact, Re-Animate may just might be his finest album yet!

Turns out that Keith hooked up with producer Dylan McPrice (a/k/a McDylbot) in mid 2014, and together, they actually re-recorded the best of Keith's older hits. And I mean re-recorded. Like Keith re-singing his vocal tracks with a hot, new, crisp and fresh sound, as well as re-playing many of the guitar tracks and totally punching up the drums and bass as well. With the help of Dylan, they have taken the best of the best from Keith's hit tracks and taken them all to the next level. Thus creating a totally updated sound that raises Re-Animate to a whole new level of hard hitting vocals, catchy in-your-face guitar riffs, and infectious chorus's.

The "new" version of Seeds And Leeches, possibly the best track on the album, is like Sid Vicious meets Slayer meets Rush. The chorus is one of the rare pieces of music that gets into your head and stays with you - and leaves you wanting to hear it again and again. White Conduit is very cool and melodic, with Keith also invoking a Geddy Lee style that makes the track great. The Disconnect Signal is also a great piece, and keeps the album moving along. Terra Nova has extremely hot guitar riffs and a totally catchy chorus. Originally appearing on Symbolic Hemispheres, the new mixing and recording of the new 2014 version puts it in the "should be a hit song" category. The mellow and melodic New Clear has a great arena-anthem quality to it. Also would put this track into the "should be a hit song" category as well.

Stabbing Daggers starts off with a dream-like slow intro, until it comes up and hits you in the balls with quite possibly the single best guitar riff on the album. You will find heavy metal at its' best in this track for sure. Massacre Of The Mind, originally from Hybrid Clockwork is also laced with great recording and mastering, punchy guitar riffs and again, just a perfect sprinkling of Rush-like qualities.

Stolen (Welcome To Paradise) is a slower, more melodic tune from Symbolic Hemispheres. Keith's emotional vocal performance on this track truly gives you a window into his abilities as a musician and singer, who can handle the hardest of metal, as well as the intensity and emotions of his own insightful lyrics. Toxic Coma from Dark Matter has a great mellow beginning, but quickly turns into a hard hitting tune. Keith's vocals are very strong and moving in this one, and the bass riff is hard to beat as well. Seismic Horizons, also from Dark Matter, has a crisp new feel to it, very well produced, and exploring a lot of new sounds.

The Field Where She Lays has an exceptionally great guitar sound and Keith's trademark vocals. A bit of a more mellow track, The Field has wonderful introspective lyrics and spot-on recording quality. It has a classic sound, complete with violins and a masterful ethereal quality to it, The Field has that "epic sound" that make it shine. The bonus track Stigma, with music written by Dylan and lyrics by Keith is also a great mellow track, with first rate vocals and superior recording qualities.

The artwork contained with the CD package is amazing itself. Keith has always taken great pride in the entire production of each of his albums, including the CD art, which is often a lost element in much of the music of today. The CD comes with art from each of his previous albums, plus an insert with the all words to each song (which is a nice touch). Looking at the whole package, and hearing the music as a complete piece of work, it is almost unbelievable that Keith has actually done most of this on his own.

From concept to lyrics, to art design, Re-Animate does not disappoint at any level. Plus with the help of Dylan, Keith's music has been "Re-Animated" into a whole new, professional level. The fact that this guy is not signed with a major label at this point is quite unbelievable. After this new compilation CD, I am sure he will be soon."

(review by Daniel Harrison, CEO Pool And Spa, Las Vegas, NV, USA)

DARK MATTER - Album Reviews:

Dark Matter:

"Once again Keith has Aced it with his latest release "Dark Matter". You are lulled into a false sense of security with the opening guitar, then you are hit with the throaty guttural voice he does so well. I must admit I was quite surprised by track 5 "Distant Circles" where he goes all ballady (Is that a word?) and this really is a great track and would like to hear more from Keith in this format. All in All a great release, looking forward to the next."
(review by Terry Evans, Bulgaria)

"Hi sir I got your CD today.... wow all these music tracks are so awesome.. an amazing improvement in your music now its makes me feel in love with heavy metal again.. the lyrics are amazing, it's mind blowing man thanks from the bottom of the heart to share this beauty it's like my favourite Christmas gift. I liked it so much, i like the comic also its really awesome your artwork is inspiring."

(review by Chetan Ramloll, Mauritius)

Symbolic Hemispheres - Album Reviews:

"Symbolic Hemispheres is an album for all moods - a little of what you are in the mood to hear, no matter what mood you're in! The album starts off loud - the first three songs have bass, pace, and everything you need to get your heart pumping and your head banging. 'The Field Where She Lays' calms down - melodic and a bit more cushioned. 'Guns And a Godless Government' comes in with a punch, and while not my favorite lyric wise, it has great music behind it. The album then introverts, it becomes softer, more reflective, and an intimate time spent in the depths of a true musician's mind. The album's namesake song is one the best instrumentals I have ever heard, and, if that wasn't enough, the final track (an acoustic version of my favorite song on the album), is the perfect end to the journey of this album. Best £6 I have spent on iTunes."

(review submitted by Miss Fitt, Sheffield, UK)

"Symbolic Hemispheres feels like a metaphorical voyage to outer-space: blasting off with the hardcore heavy metal-inspired riffs of "Destroy And Dominate: Save Ourselves" and the equally angsty "Stabbing Daggers" and "Terra Nova 2213", then floating to the soothing and yet impressively haunting ballad "The Field Where She Lays", breaking away from earth's atmosphere to the very post-punk-rock infused "Guns and a Godless Government", gliding through the final minutes with "Stolen - Welcome to Paradise", which comprises of exquisite vocals and an impressive arrangement of orchestral and acoustic guitar tracks; bringing us to "Symbolic Hemispheres", which is in my opinion a piece of instrumental-musical genius, proving to be eye-opening, revelatory, and trippy all at the same time. A really, really good debut for a most promising artist. Made me feel like an astronaut blasting away from earth while my life is flashing back through my head in a non-sequential order!" 

(review submitted by Yesu Mauree - Mauritius - 9th January 2013)

"Symbolic Hemispheres is fueled with aggressive rock. This album picks you up and throws you back down with a raw punch in the face. Strong guitar riffs gel together a wonderful array of musicianship that can only be described as exhilarating, and at times, heart-felt and tender. The title track 'Symbolic Hemispheres' is an inspiring instrumental that whirls its way through approximately five minutes of acoustic guitar. Harmonics and orchestral arrangements make the track come to life in a way that matures Keith's song writing ability. 'Guns and a Godless Government' appears to be Keith's homage to other artists like 'Marilyn Manson,' the twisted vocals in the chorus make an interesting contrast to an already up-tempo song. 'Destroy and Dominate: Save Ourselves,' 'Stabbing Daggers' and 'Terra Nova: 2213' are all distorted guitar driven songs with almost 'screamo like' vocals mixed with catchy choruses. Songs like 'Stolen - Welcome to Paradise' and 'The Field Where She Lays' highlight Keith's softer side and he doesn't disappoint. All in all this isn't a bad effort, if it's raw talent and raw music you desire, then this is the album for you."

(random review - Symbolic Hemispheres - January 2013)

"I got the CD Symbolic Hemispheres (amazing album) from Keith Davies so f*cking happy !!
These songs are really amazing from a debut singer with lots of talent. Amazing guitar riffs that cause me to head bang, that scream kick ass and also ''The Field Where She Lays'' an emotional song that makes me feel out of this world, Guns and godless Government is punk song that makes lot of sense, i like the instrumental song (Symbolic Hemispheres) it sounds so creative, a sort of fantasy. ''Stolen - (welcome to paradise)'' is a perfect song which is based on poetry. This album is a mind blowing drug. That is truly a precious gift. Made my day, thanks a lot man."
(review submitted by Chetan Ramloll, Mauritius, 14th January 2013) 

"Really, really awesome music. There's that thing in this song, I don't know what, it makes you sad and happy at the same time! So, so neat." (submitted by Yesu Mauree via Facebook - 'By Your Side')  

"I hope you don't mind if I say I haven't heard anything so awesome in the 'genre', since bands like Silverchair and The Dissociatives. So thank you for that, faith in humanity restored ^_^!" (submitted by Yesu Mauree via Facebook, 22nd August 2012) 

A New Direction? by Mated 123 (iTunes USA - Stabbing Daggers)

"Mr. Davies has delved into many facets of music over the years and each foray produces a well thought out masterpiece which showcases his talents as an artist and musician. Stabbing Daggers is just an example of what Keith is capable of. A raw mix of shredding guitar and vocals which makes you wonder if you missed some singles in between. The talents and techniques are already refined and there is no "freshman" growing pains heard here. Furthermore, as with all of his music, it is very infectious. You'll find yourself singing it out loud on your way to work, working alone in the garage, or even in the proverbial shower. Don't just check out this single, every single one is worth a listen regardless of what musical genre defines you. You won't be disappointed."

Like it, love it, live it!! by Sygooner (iTunes UK - Stabbing Daggers)

"Yet another brilliant piece of mastery! Absolutely love it! Performing at download and sonisphere next year I think!!! Come on everyone get behind the talent!!"

Brilliant debut!!  "Wow what can I say? Absolutely superb!! The artists lyrics are hauntingly brilliant followed by stunningly good music and a strong vocal! Can't wait for more, certainly be in the queue, and be recommending to my friends!!"

by Sygooner (iTunes UK - The Nameless)


“You're so amazing!!, Nice voice! Many greets from Argentina :D”

“Sounds awesome! Loved it! Can't wait for the album!”

Chris Kovach, USA, YouTube

“This is great Keith! I've been following you since your silverchair covers, keep it up! :)”

“You are very talented and have a amazing voice. You sing true from your heart and that makes it special. keep it up!!”

“It was thanks to your cover of '4st 7lb' that I discovered your music, and therefore I owe that discovery to the Manics. You're the best thing (excuse me calling you a thing) that I've heard in ages... so thankyou. Thankyou very much”

“I do not think you realize how great you are. Keep up the good work. Jeff (USA)”

Very nice! Great voice and amazing guitar! I will make sure i'll buy your upcoming album ;)

TheSwampstuff - YouTube

"Hey Keith. I guess you know i've followed you since your early days on youtube, I was truly impressed by your great silverchair covers and I'll be honest: I wasn't too fascinated by your first original songs, but this one (Stabbing Daggers) made me change my mind. Very diverse and powerful, and that's what I enjoy the most! So I'll be buying it as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing your work with us! Cheers"

Beaver0305 - YouTube