Keith Davies

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AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE WORLDWIDE NOW from iTUNES and many other top digital websites!!

You have reached the home page for the Hybrid Clockwork album. 


01. I Am Hated

02. Hybrid Clockwork

03. Vortex Of Insecurities

04. Hieroglyph Cenotaph

05. Massacre Of The Mind

06. Black Conduit

07. The Illegal God

08. White Conduit

09. A Closing Requiem

June 15th 2014 was the release date for Hybrid Clockwork and just like normal with Keith's music it will be available from all major digital distribution websites such as iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and many more. All CD's will be available from Keith direct and can be ordered NOW!!

The CD will be a limited edition that will be sold on a first come first served basis. Once they are gone, they're gone..

Ordering a CD is simple. You can do this one of two ways: You can email me with your contact details via the following email address: [email protected] or you can simply contact me via any of my social media outlets e.g. Facebook or Reverbnation to order a CD. The Hybrid Clockwork package features a few cool things, such as a separate Concept Artwork booklet, and a gate-fold lyric sheet with 8-page booklet. I truly hope that who ever hears Hybrid Clockwork that they enjoy the experience and are aware that many hard earned hours have been put into creating the images and music for this album.  


"I just got your new album, man this is so intense that I don't have the words to describe it. I fucking love it! I think this is your best work. So much passion, the artwork impresses me a lot. Your songs are great, that voice, those guitar riffs, the drums are really mind-blowing. Awesome DVD video. Your songs on this album are so deep, the lyrics are catchy. You are a really talented person to take your time & effort to make this awesome album. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have this album for free, I think it's the best I ever had. - Chetan Ramloll, Mauritius, 2014.

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"Potentially one of Keith's heaviest works to date, Hybrid Clockwork lives up to the hype. After delivering three records, each more exquisite than the other, Davies is back with this new album, which greets the listener with pure unadulterated hard pumping adrenalin as soon as the opening track titled ‘I am Hated’ starts. Feral and visceral, the first three tracks set the mood and “Don’t fuck with me!” attitude, which prevail throughout most of album. The subtle industrial and post punk influences (particularly heard on ‘Massacre of the Mind’ and ‘The Illegal God’) really bring a new cut-throat feeling to Keith’s repertoire, which I found most enjoyable.


My personal favorites however are the two softer songs on the album: ‘Hieroglyph Cenotaph’ and ‘Black Conduit’. These two tracks feature masterfully crafted melodies and impressive musical arrangements. The progression is fluid, and intriguingly unconventional- definitely a must-have for alternative music-enthusiasts. I also really enjoyed ‘White Conduit’, surprisingly poppy as compared to the rest of the album, with a really catchy verse and a few glam-rock sonorities- a very surprising finish, which once again gives a glance of the extensive versatility of Keith as an artist.

The album also comes with an artwork booklet (which appears to be themed around ruins of ancient civilizations, probably Mayan- very creative once again), a lyrics sheet, and a DVD; the latter featuring a most insightful look into how the album was made by means of a pretty instructive making-of video, which actually has very useful tips and tricks for aspiring musicians. The DVD also features music videos for some of Keith’s earlier works, an amusing amateur horror-short-movie produced by Keith himself, and a superb cover of Silverchair’s ‘Petrol and Chlorine’. Overall- it’s a blast!

As a footnote, I can’t help but express how impressed I am with Keith’s work, especially considering that he actually plays on all the tracks; mixes and produces everything by himself. The amount of dedication and effort that went into it can be heard by the quality of the output, sonically and lyrically. It’s very hard to find artists who are talented and in for the right reasons these days, and I’m quite appalled whenever I hear that Keith Davies is actually unsigned, and very much inspired by the incredible music he has created so far.  Considering the recently announced change in distribution of future albums (shifting to digital only), Hybrid Clockwork places itself as a worthy conclusion to Keith Davies’ tetralogy of CD-releases, and definitely lives up to the expectations." - Yesu Mauree, Mauritius, 2014.