Keith Davies

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This journey began on..

7th May 2013

© 2013 Keith Davies. A Weefus Inc Production


Disc One

01. (Road To Ruin) Parasite Stuck Inside

02. Seeds And Leeches

03. All Hope Is Gone

04. NewClear

05. Intermission

06. Concave Complex

07. Symbolic Hemispheres part II

Disc Two

01. By Your Side

02. NewClear (acoustic version)

03. Concave Complex (acoustic version)

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'Seeds and Leeches' is the second album born from the depths of Keith Davies's mind.

Seeds and Leeches - the new album from Keith Davies available everywhere from Tuesday May 7th 2013

"After a most smashing debut record, Keith Davies is back with “Seeds and Leeches”, a self-produced two-CD album which absolutely enthralls and surprises the listener by its versatility and lyrical depth.
Heavier and darker than its predecessor, Seeds and Leeches quickly sets the tone with post-apocalyptic themes and references to nuclear warfare as well as the fall of humankind resulting from the greed and wretchedness of the latter. Alternating between screamo and soft-yet-powerful vocals, and set against heavy guitars and aggressive drumming, the mixing is cleverly implemented to effectively carry the emotions of angst and anger infused in the first few songs; resulting in one hell of a wicked listening experience! I’d also like to point out that the sound quality is exquisitely clear, and the bass-tracks really shine through.
That being said, I am personally more of a fan of Mr. Davies’ softer works, so the post-intermission songs really did it for me.
My favorite track from the whole album would definitely be “Concave Complex” a very melodic and surprisingly full of contrasts musical-piece. I really loved the acoustic guitar tracks, combined with an orchestral ensemble in the background: Keith’s full vocal prowess really is striking in this one.
I also really liked Symbolic Hemispheres (Part II), which is as enthralling and fascinating as was Part 1 -from Symbolic Hemispheres (Keith’s debut album). The instrumental track features an impressive musical composition, and proves once again that Keith Davies quite the force to be reckoned with.
Adding to the epic awesomeness, Disc-Two offers “By Your Side” (Really love that song ever since I heard the demo of it, I’m glad it got released) as well as Acoustic versions of selected songs. A must-have.
"Seeds and Leeches – it’ll blow your mind!"

The artwork idea for 'Seeds and Leeches' is all about releasing your inner demons and setting them free and enabling yourself to live your life without fear of being sucked into the hatred of modern society. The title 'Seeds and Leeches' for those who are not familiar came from the terms used by illegal file sharing websites for the type of downloader/uploader that you are. A 'seed' is someone who has downloaded something and then lets another person feed off of them which in turn enables everyone else to download a file quicker. A 'leech' is someone that just sticks to downloading and then never lets anyone else feed off of them, so the file then becomes 'sort of' stolen rather than shared.  The doves that are on my booklet artwork represent all that is 'GOOD' and the rest of what you see is all humanised chaos where we are pretty much destroying all that is around us with greed and general ignorance! The references to 'space' in my booklet are a symbol of such environments being our own safe haven! The extreme environments can sometimes be our friend when all hope is gone..

The artwork above features in the booklet of the 'Seeds and Leeches' CD. 

'Seeds and Leeches' will be available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and a host of other top internet sites such as X-Box LIVE, PLAY.COM, Spotify, Google Store, amongst many others from 7th May 2013..